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Tim Dineen's biography as a pilot includes twenty years active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, and a subsequent twenty years as an Engineering / Experimental Test Pilot for McDonnell Douglas and the Boeing Company.  The time spent as a Marine pilot was punctuated with several unique opportunities.  The first was attendance at the U.S Navy Test Pilot School.  Another was a two year assignment to the U.S Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, The Blue Angels, based in Pensacola, Florida.




















What is not always obvious to the observer is that there are no spare or extra demonstration pilots.  The six pilots have the chance to fly six to seven days a week. The Blue Angel aircraft support staff, which includes aircraft maintenance, supply and administrative functions is the best without question. The "Superstars" of the show are actually the "six blue jets" that are always on time and ready to show young people that a career in the Navy can be a blast. The reason that the Navy has a Demo Squadron is to assist Navy recruiters in drawing the best young people this country has to offer.


Special thanks to Dr Stephen Ierardi and Jacquie Maroun, PT for their kind words and support.



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