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Physical Therapy FAQ

At Advantage Physical Therapy & Wellness Center we take pride in making your experience a positive and

efficient one from start to finish. We know that you have lots of questions regarding your physical therapy,

and we want to make sure that your questions are answered prior to your first visit. The following list

should answer most of the basics, but please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or

assistance you may need. 

These questions are answered below:

1.     How do I get started?

2.     What should I expect on my first visit?

3.     Will my insurance cover my physical therapy?

4.     What insurances do you accept?  See below, then Click Here

5.     Do I need a prescription?  See below, then Click Here

6.     How often will I need to do physical therapy?

7.    What do I wear?

8.    What types of treatment do you perform?

9.     How long is each session?

      10.    Why choose Advantage Physical Therapy for your physical therapy?

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1. How do I get started?
To get started, give us a call at (949) 305-8200 and chat with our friendly front desk. They will ask if you have a prescription for PT from your physician or if you’re interested in therapeutic massage and check any insurance benefits you may have. Then determine best day and time for you to visit for an evaluation and treatment.
2. What should I expect on my first visit?
Your first session consists of an evaluation with a licensed physical therapist. After a thorough examination, the physical therapist will design a treatment plan according to your needs and personal goals. Throughout your recovery process, you will be closely supervised by the physical therapist. Further sessions typically include a combination of exercise, massage, modalities, and a home exercise program.

3. Will my insurance cover my physical therapy?
Physical therapy is typically covered by most insurance companies. Either by calling or coming into the facility, we will do an insurance intake. Usually within 24 hours our insurance specialist will contact you with all of the details of your coverage. This will include the number of visits, as well as what your co-pay amount and/or deductible will be.

4. What insurances do you accept?
We accept Medicare, most Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurances, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Health Net, and many more. We accept some HMO insurance plans. If you find that we are not listed in your provider handbook, please contact us anyway. We will be happy to verify your eligibility.

5. Do I need a prescription?

If you are coming for wellness (want to look better, feel better and/or perform better) and you don’t have any pain or functional limitations, no, you do not need a prescription and you can pay cash and see anyone here (PT, Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training).

If you have pain and/or a functional limitation that we are going to address, we need a diagnosis – whether it is in the form of a prescription or any other means, such as an excerpt from your medical chart. This is the case for all PT’s in the state of California

In California, we can do an evaluation to determine suitability of PT, arrive at a physical therapy diagnosis, and a potential course of treatment without a prescription.

If you have pain and/or functional limitations, and you want your insurance to pay for your treatment, we need a prescription. The prescription needs to have a diagnosis, a treatment order (e.g. “evaluate and treat” will work) a frequency and duration (e.g. “twice a week for three weeks”) and it needs to be signed and dated by an M.D

6. How often will I need to do physical therapy?
2-3 times a week is usually recommended by most physicians. However, course of treatment is individualized based on patient needs.

7. What do I wear? 
You should wear comfortable workout clothes that are loose-fitting. The physical therapist will need to examine, touch, and treat the injured area. It is also necessary to wear some type of athletic shoes with socks.

8. What types of treatment do you perform?
We combine traditional physical therapy with Pilates-based rehabilitation. Based on your injury, we will customize a specific treatment plan. Your treatment may include soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, cold laser light therapy, ultrasound, iontophoresis, phonophoresis, traction, joint mobilization, heat or ice therapy, stretching, and Pilates/Yoga therapeutic exercises.

9. How long is each session?
Each visit is between thirty minutes and one hour.

10. Why choose APT for physical therapy? 
We are one of the leading referral sources for South County Orthopedic Specialists (SCOS), as well as a key resource for many other of the leading orthopedic surgeons in south Orange County. Our excellent care and patient relationships have been a trademark of our success. As such, along with doctor referrals, many of our patients come to us by word-of-mouth.



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